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  • Super light and very durable hunting bars for those that demand lightweight and flexibility while hunting
  • Includes :
  • Special side-bar locking quick disconnect that has a built-in key that locks into the notch on the 3 ½" offset side bar bracket
  • Proprietary feature keeps the side bar secure with a clockwise half-turn of the front bar
  • To unlock the side bar and remove it, simply turn it half a turn and lift the bracket and sidebar up and out of the lock then lift the front bar up, and out of the quick disconnect... done in 3 seconds
  • Ultra-lite offset side rod bracket weighs only 2.5 oz. and comes with a 60° down drop that is adjustable side-to-side for left-to-right adjustment
  • Eliminates 2 to 3 seconds of fighting the bubble on every shot
  • Diameter: .750"
  • 10" front bar with extra large Bowjax
  • Three one ounce front weights
  • 8' rear bar with extra large Bowjax
  • Three one ounce rear weights
  • Locking quick disconnect
  • Ridgid notched off-set bracket

Conquest Control Freak .750 Complete Hunter kit (10"/8")

SKU: 811998028361
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