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These easy-to-install Top Hat Spacers from Mathews Archery are perfect for adjusting cam spacing. Each set is marked by the reference lines on each spacer so you know which ones will match up. These spacers are a must-have for anyone looking to tune a Matthews compound bow


  • Allows you to adjust cam spacing while keeping correct cam spacing
  • Three different variations to adjust the spacing
  • Each spacer has indication marks to let you know which ones will match up
  • Sets are marked with reference lines around the Top Hat systems
  • Reference lines are placed to match each set
  • Single line and double line spacers will be used on the same cam in each set
  • Designed for: Mathews Halon series, TRG series, TRX series, Triax, Vertix, Traverse, TX-5, VXR 28", VXR 31.5", V3, and V3X

Kit includes:

  • Set 1 (reference lines close to the shoulder of the spacer) has 2- .140" and 2 .035" spacers
  • Set 2 (reference lines in the middle of the spacer)has 2- .120" and 2 .055" spacers
  • Set 3 (reference lines furthest from the shoulder of the spacer)has 2- .100" and 2 .075" spacers

Mathews Top Hat Spacer Kit

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