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Based on the popular Edge series, the Diamond by Bowtech® Prism Compound Bow Package gives younger hunters and developing archers great performance that fits them perfectly. Diamond's latest grow-with-you bow design, the Prism offers extreme versatility and adjustability to make it easy for developing archers to learn and grow. Extreme Adjustability Limb System offers draw weight adjustment from 5-55 lbs., while the bow's rotating modules provide a huge draw length adjustment from 18"-30" to match the archer's growth and development. Not to be grouped with "toy" bows for youth, the Prism features a proven Diamond design that launches arrows at speeds up to 295 fps. Measuring 31" from one axle to the other, this bow delivers an effective letoff of 80% so younger archers can easily hold full draw as they sight in on the target. Lightweight 3.2 lbs. 7" brace height. Prism Package includes: 3-Pin Octane Sight, arrow rest, peep, and string nock.

  • Versatile Diamond compound bow performance for developing archers
  • Great bow for young bowhunters and developing archers - grows with the hunter
  • New dual cam design - up to 295 fps with smooth draw cycle and solid back wall
  • Wide draw length range from 18"-30"
  • Huge draw weight range from 5 lbs. up to 55 lbs.
  • 80 percent effective letoff - easy to hold when you need to
  • 31'' axle to axle
  • Lightweight - 3.2 lbs.
  • Comes with 3-pin Octane sight, arrow rest, peep, and string nock
  • USED  - NEW PRICE 349.99

USED Diamond by Bowtech Prism Compound Bow Package

SKU: 10002501
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