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  • Lighted nock system designed to be simple, highly visible, and durable
  • With a generous .098" string groove this nock will engage with a positive click on your bowstring without activating early
  • Pressure activated the powerful LED provides the added visibility to shot placement  while aiding in arrow recovery
  • Switch the nock off with an easily felt toggle switch, simply press up and your nock is off
  • Weight: 32 grains
  • Fits: all standard diameter arrows with a .245"- .246" inside diameter as well as arrows utilizing S size uni-bushings
  • Sold as a 3 pack


  • Easton
  • Gold Tip
  • Victory
  • Carbon Express
  • Carbon Tech
  • Carbon Force
  • PSE
  • Black Eagle

Victory Switch Lighted Nock (S/GT)

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